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Toward a framework for assessing managerial intentions A review of support for market managers’ engagement with nutrition incentive programs

ABSTRACT: The last several years have seen a rapid expansion in the number of nutrition incentive programs implemented at farmers markets. While there has been increased attention paid to these efforts in terms of influencing consumer health indicators, there has been less focus on the farmers market managers responsible for implementing and admin­istering the programs. To date, most studies that have addressed manager perspectives have been qualitative case-studies where findings may have limited generalizability to other market contexts. In this integrative review of literature, we examine the current state of both scholarly and practitioner literature regarding market manager perspectives on nutrition incentive programming. Given the identification of critical gaps and salient factors in efforts to promote nutrition incentive program­ming at markets, we call for the advancement of a framework that may be shared between organiza­tions. This framework will capture essential data that inform market managers’ behavioral intention towards the nutrition incentive programs they cur­rently administer. We propose that the develop­ment of a comprehensive survey tool designed to capture managerial intentions may ultimately prompt multistate, cross-organizational collabora­tion on improving nutritional program outcomes at farmers markets.
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