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The Underlying Racism of America’s Food System

Dr. Regina Bernard-Carreno was born and raised in Hells Kitchen, NYC. She is a graduating pioneer of the African American Studies Master’s Degree Program at Columbia University. She completed her M.Phil and Ph.D. Degrees in Urban Education at CUNY’s Graduate Center. Having taught in graduate programs at various colleges, she is now an assistant professor of Black and Latino Studies at Baruch College, CUNY, where her courses are particularly focused on race, class, and food activism. She is the author of Black and Brown Waves: The Cultural Politics of Young Women of Color and Feminism (2009), and Nuyorganics: Organic Intellectualism, the Search for Racial Identity, and Nuyorican Thought (2010).

Her third book, Say it Loud: Black Power, Black Studies and Collegiate Culture will be published in late 2013. She has also authored pieces for a wide variety of books, collected editions, and in the Journal of Pan African Studies. Dr. Bernard-Carreno has been actively researching and writing about the cultural performance of food, food access and food racism in low income neighborhoods in New York City and abroad. Along with researching and writing, Dr. Bernard-Carreno has been designing scholarly projects and community products based on food access in poor NYC areas.

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