Farm Direct Incentives Guide

Centering Food on People, Not Process

Community-based organizations across the country are rethinking their approach to the design of food incentive programs, like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — formerly known as food stamps. Rather than iterating in a vacuum of policymakers or basing revisions on metrics alone, organizations are turning to the individuals and households who rely on these programs to put food on their families’ tables. These bi-directional engagements focus on the lived experience of those dealing with food insecurity to inform how these supplemental programs can better serve the people who use them, and ultimately, reach even more people in need of support. Join us to learn more about how organizations in California, Colorado and Washington, D.C. are building food incentive programs that center on what matters most: people.

+ Amy Nelms / Nourish Colorado
+ Diego Ortiz / SPUR
+ Qya Ahmad / DC Greens

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