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BUNDLE: Leah’s Pantry

California nonprofit Leah’s Pantry’s toolkit is full of easily downloadable cookbooks, recipes in multiple languages, and resources focusing on cultural food traditions from around the world. This includes a cookbook from Iraqi Community Farmers, Healthy Recipes from Indigenous Youth, African and Middle Eastern Community Cooks, Recipes inspired by Asia the Pacific Islands, Smart Cooking for Small Spaces, and A Fresh Twist on African-American Traditional Recipes.

Resources in this Bundle:

Around the World at the Farmers’ Market: Recipes from San Diego’s African and Middle Eastern Community Cooks

Healthy, Easy Recipes Inspired by Asia & The Pacific Islands

Young, Indigenous, and Healthy: Recipes Inspired by Today’s Native Youth

From Iraq to the Golden State: Recipes Inspired by Iraqi Community Farmers

The Tenderloin Cooking School: Smart Meals for Small Spaces

A Fresh Twist on Old Favorites