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Farm Bill Policy and Communications Series

This series of webinars from the Food Systems Leadership Network (of The Wallace Center) along with Spitfire Strategies is designed to help food systems workers to navigate advocacy during a…
Advocacy and Policy
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Assessing Policy to Promote Racial Equity

Policy is often touted as the great equalizer, creating opportunities for all, regardless of their race. Yet evaluating a policy’s capacity to address racial equity is not easy. The Johns…
Planning and process | Data collection and evaluation | Advocacy and Policy | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility | Market operations, policies, and legalities
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Impactful Agency Outreach Partners Webinar

From the 2021 Ohio Nutrition Incentive Network Convening, this presentation on agency partnerships between markets and local and state agencies offers excellent resources for anyone considering similar partnerships, particularly around…
Special events | Advocacy and Policy | Partnership development | SNAP, EBT, and Nutrition Incentive Programs
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Resource List

Bolder Advocacy Resource Library

Bolder Advocacy administers a huge resource library with advocacy toolkits, examples, and reports for non profit organizations. This library is a great source for anyone who seeks to advocate for…
Messaging, Marketing, and Engagement | Advocacy and Policy
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